Everything around us seems to be moving at a faster pace… things are escalating rapidly. 

So, as we approach the upcoming holiday season…. We would do well to stop, reflect and contemplate the reason why we celebrate these holidays. Jesus Christ. When you remember His life…it is important to remember all that is associated with it.

• His birth • His obedience to His Father• His ministry and teachings• His sacrifice which included cruelty from those he died for• His forgiveness of all of our sins if we repent,• His death, resurrection, and immortality, • To His now power and gloryWe are approaching a time in the history of the world when there will be a great divide. The wheat are being gathered out from the tares. And although every knee will ultimately submit to Him, many of those kneeling at the last day will do so from fear or regret. Hopefully we will found kneeling with gratitude and love, since we already have known Him. Submitting to Him now, when there is no great persuasion to do so and all of the world may be aligned against His ways, stands as proof that we are counted as one of His friends.This video is a short presentation of the Savior. Photographs were taken over in Israel combined with images of Christ superimposed on the locations where He walked over 2,000 years ago.Included artwork by Del Parson, Carl Block, and Mark Mabry. The song used is called Sweet Escape by Paul Cardall and used with his permission.