I am Anwesha Banerjee. I am from India. I was born in a middle class family where need of money was very much. My father was a simple worker and used to earn very little. I have seen crisis since my childhood. I was born in non believer family where Nobody knew Jesus and every body used to worship idols.I was never happy the things were happening around me.

I was bullied in my own family.my relatives used to talk bad about me. There was continuous comparison between me and my mother. Every one used to call me ugly where my Mom was very beautiful. I used to feel really bad. Sometimes I used to even question myself is there Godalming in this earth?  Android if yes then why I am not beautiful? Time passed away i grew up. I wanted to prove every one wrong. I was full of revenge and compitition. Not only in my family but now I had to face more problems in college.People used to call me figure less coz it was very skinny.

To prove them wrong I some how managed a boyfriend. That was the first wrong choice of my life. I suffered in that relationship for 4 years then I decided to move on. In search of love i got caught with another wrong man.i later got to know that he was already married. I was ditched badly.  To manage myself I again fell in trap with another guy who was an alcoholic. I faced mental trauma day and night. I was in the last stage of my life where I had just nothing in my hands. I had lost my job my pride my honesty and above all my self respect.

One day I was crying in the roof thought of commiting suicide. Suddenly I looked up at the sky and shouted if there is God then show me who are you. I know the idols I am worshipping they are surely not God. Take me out of this mess.  Just after someday I came to a church without even knowing why. I saw a father there and I asked for help from him.I said every thing to him. I remember only tears were flowing all through the conversation. He said to me go and ask forgiveness  from Jesus. I didn’t know who Jesus was and why he is saying me to ask forgiveness?

I came back home. I sat down and strated praying. I blurred out every single details of my life to him.I was crying like anything. In my prayer I kept on saying to please forgive me i am not a bad girl. I finished praying and went to sleep.

Next morning I got up and there was something unusual in me It’s like someone has put hands in your chest. I felt the peace which I never found in my life. I had just no clue what had happened to me. Then one guy gave me Bible. I strated reading it. I just fell in love with the words.

That day had changed my life completely. God set me free!

I took baptism without informing anybody in my family. I knew if i will say nobody will allow me.It created lot of mess in my family but Jesus was holding me in his arms and he fought my battles. I asked God to give me man from him .God gave me his chosen one for me with whom I got married. My mom came to Jesus after she saw my life changed. Today I have a wonderful family. I won’t say that ny battles are over but I know that now I am not alone. He is there to fight for me.

Author: Anwesha Banerjee / https://www.facebook.com/nwesha