Abducted Christian Schoolgirls in Nigeria Finally Released: 'God brought us help'

Boko Haram Nov 12, 2019

In early October, Muslim Fulani herdsmen abducted six Christian schoolgirls and two adults from Engravers’ College in Nigeria. Nearly a month after the incident, it has been confirmed that all eight individuals have been released after a ransom was paid to the abductors. Sadly, the abducted Christians were tortured while they were in captivity. Thankfully, they all survived albeit extremely traumatized.

Ohemu Fredrick, a parent of one of the abducted girls said, “Several people prayed in churches and mosques. Through their prayers, God brought us help. God used a former governor of Kaduna state to assist us.”

While the aforementioned “former governor” was not named, Fredrick revealed that the good samaritan offered free medical treatment to the released children and staff members. One of the other parents, who wished to remain anonymous, said that they heard the captives being tortured whenever they received a call from the abductors who were demanding a ransom.

Multiple reports have stated that a ransom has been paid prior to the release of the eight individuals, but the exact amount has not been disclosed. The Engravers’ College group is extremely lucky. In the past, other Christians who were abducted by the Fulani Muslims were still harmed or killed even after a ransom was paid.

According to an earlier report by Christian Post, a Christian pastor’s wife was abducted and murdered in September, even after a 250,000 naira ($690) ransom was paid. In the same month, Muslim Fulani men shot and killed Alhamdu Mangadus, a pastor at Nasara Baptist Church in Asso, Nigeria.

The predominantly Christian communities of southern Nigeria and the Middle Belt are some of the most persecuted in recent years. Thousands have been killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in those areas.

The State Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Mr. Samuel Aruwan, has called for the members of the community to cooperate with the government as they continue the “battle to secure our state and all who live in it.” He further said, “urges all our communities not to give comfort to criminals.”

The Fulani bandits are believed to be working alongside the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram.


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