President Trump spoke at the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House. After his speech, a young woman shouted that she wanted to pray for the president, and it caught Trump’s attention. She yelled, “Let me pray for you.” After stopping the music, Trump asked her to go up the presidential podium to pray.

Mahalet Krause, the woman who prayed for the president, was born in Ethiopia. But she grew up in a Christian household in Indiana who adopted her.

Mahalet said, “I’m not good with prayers or anything like that, but I want to say thank you, Mr. President. I know we have political warfare right now, but I firmly believe that it is a spiritual one as well.”

She said before praying, “I know that Americans are going to wake up. We’ll look to God instead of social media. We’re going to look back to Jesus because Jesus saves. This country was founded upon the Constitution, and It was built on godly principles, and we’re going to fight for that. And I want to encourage you guys to pray every day for this nation.”

Mahalet prayed, “I love God, and I want to pray real quick. Dear God, I’m not good at this. But I want to say thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to be in the White House. Thank you for giving us a great leader like Trump, Mr. Donald Trump, and I would like to thank you for waking up our nation.”

She continued, “God, I believe that you gave him to us, and I believe that he’s gonna accomplish so much more. I know You have more for us. Jesus, I ask you to protect us and walk with us, and in Jesus’ name.”

All the people in the room applauded Mahalet as she concluded her prayer, “The enemy tries to attack us every day…and he has no room, no more, and that’s all I have to say.”

The president hugged Mahalet and tweeted, “So amazing!” It’s a fantastic moment when someone wants to pray for someone, and is vocal about praying for the betterment of a country.