Whoever thought of the gospel song Amazing Grace for a flash mob, and right at the hall of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands, needs commendation.

The lyrics of the song and gentle melody of Amazing Grace is like a two-edged sword that serves to remind the lower house personnel, visitors, and the lawmakers to conduct their affairs with all humility and gratefulness. Working for the state parliament is a privilege not everybody has. The song is a subtle notice from the Almighty that they need to keep their feet on the ground and think of servicing the common good at times when they feel high and powerful.

Sang in the purity of four voices accompanied by a trumpet, the clarity of the song’s message fills the busy, august hall to invoke the listeners to pause and go through moments of brief self-examination. The music provides a good break to temporarily reflect before returning to an environment where contentions, intelligence, and wisdom are always at play.