The 15-year-old singer won the Golden Buzzer for “Warrior” in America’s Got Talent 2018. She was very nervous looking at her parents in the beginning. While after her singing, the Jury Heidi, was quick to share her praise, saying, “I love you. I think you’re absolutely incredible. I love the whole package. I love your smile. I love how you project to everyone. Your voice is incredible. Know what I’m going to do for you?” Without a second thought, Heidi reached her hand over the Golden Buzzer and slammed it down! Makayla managed her time to do a time-consuming hobby apart from her busy school work and kept looking for places where she can sing publically. Makayla practiced for her audition every moment she could – this was a chance she couldn’t squander! She was really nervous until she heard the feedback from Heidi Klum that she realized just how much they enjoyed her performance.