Amusing ‘Dancing Doctor’ Gives Joy and Happiness to Child Patients as He Displays His Incredible Dance Steps

Amusing ‘Dancing Doctor’ Gives Joy and Happiness to Child Patients as He Displays His Incredible Dance Steps

Have you seen something like this before? I believe once you see a doctor dancing in front of child patients in the hospital, you’re going to love it too. This witty doctor definitely puts smiles on children’s face.

A funny doctor in the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) has something interesting hidden in his sleeves in making patients have fun while in their hospital beds.

Tony Adkins, P.A., a neurosurgeon who works with a pediatric physician at CHOC, has his own way of helping children enjoy their day while being admitted to the hospital. Almost every day Dr. Adkins sees patients with serious conditions and thought that there must be something that he could do about it.

He started dancing in front of his child patients after seeing one of them having a post-operation depression who just wanted to stay in bed. He thought of a way to entertain him to help him get over his depression, and then he started dancing. It did work. In fact, not only the boy but also his mother enjoyed it. They could see that the boy’s aura has changed unlike before.

Dr. Adkins said, “There’s nothing better than seeing a smile on my patients’ faces or to hear them laugh — it’s self-care for me too. Nothing is more important than the health of a child, and I am so lucky to play an integral role in that.”

Bringing joy and happiness to his patients is Dr. Adkins’ goal, thereby helping them recover much faster and make their stay in the hospital enjoyable instead of gloomy. He went on to say, “Being in neurosurgery we see some of the worst things that can possibly take place for a kid. I have been blessed with a sound mind and heart to uplift these little kids. Each one of them gets a special treatment from me all the time. They are my inspiration and my motivation to be the best provider I can be.”

Medical professionals should imitate what Dr. Adkins is doing. They can do other things besides dancing. What is important is having a heart that truly cares for suffering patients. God bless everyone.