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Yet another ordinary morning for an early morning exercise came for an inspirational author, Brené Brown. Writing inspirational messages for a daily hobby requires the writer to be both physically and mentally healthy.

What disrupts this author’s ordinary day was a note written on a piece of napkin, left inside her car saying “You are really cute. I am going 2-stepping tonight, if you would like to join me. Call me.” Under this message was a familiar phone number, guess what, it’s from her husband!

She said she was like “What the heck!?” before she recognized that the number written at the lower part was from her beloved partner. All people wanted to be happy, some takes a few bucks to carve their smile, and some would only take little effort, just a piece of note. Some would kill for happiness and some would steal just to make their loved ones happy. But for all of this, there is a key – contentment.

Having contentment with what you are and what you have will make anyone happy, even the poorest of the poor. If someone has what they need, and stayed there, not having the desire for anything more, they will be happy. Our God is a giver. He will give us what we need, and what we deserve. If we dream of something, we can work hard for it, we can pray for it, and in God’s will, it will be given. Maybe not instantly, not tomorrow, but in God’s perfect timing.