73-years-old Anita Ellis is a retired grandmother, and she’s still fortunate to be alive in spite of the tornadoes that hit Dayton, Ohio.

Anita said, “I was sleeping, and I heard glass break that made me get up, and when I came out of the bedroom, the tree fell right over the top of my bed where I’d been laying.”

One should be able to see fortune amidst mishaps. Anita considered herself lucky because the ceiling and piles of debris have fallen in her bed, where she’s been lying some moments before.

The survivor said, “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the Lord. I got a picture of the Lord, His hands that were right over my head. It didn’t touch that picture, and that made me feel so good.”

The insurance company will take care of Anita’s house. She just needs to fix her shed and sort through her possessions that are still usable.

Anita is in advanced age already, and she has painful injuries because of the years she spent as a worker on a factory assembly line. She took a medical retirement in 1996. Anita stated, “I have two back surgeries, arm surgery, hand surgeries, and I can’t do it like I used to do.”

The strong-willed woman is also blessed because Operation Blessing volunteers are helping her at sorting her things. The volunteers are already working at the house of her daughter right down the street. When they learned about the situation of Anita, they contacted her to see how they could help.

Anita said, “I seen you guys pull up. I seen those blue shirts, and I thought it’s like angels flying in. They all gave me hugs. They’re God’s people. It’s like I’ve known them forever.”

The volunteers prayed with Anita to lift her spirit, and they started working right away. Anita stated, “You guys have taken the pieces of the shed down and bagged up all the debris, sorted all my things, and boxing up what’s not broke. I thank everybody that donates to Operation Blessing because they are a blessing, a big blessing, and Jesus is right to sign up.”

Anita is thankful in spite of what happened to her because she sees how God is helping her. She understands how the Lord will help her stand up after the disaster.