Anne Graham Lotz has breast cancer, but she managed to survive all the physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles that beset her.

Job 42:12 was her devotional reading from her primary chemo treatment after hearing all the side effects of having cancer. Anne said, “The Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning.” She said that God used her condition to become an ambassador of faith.

Anne had a lot of meetings with lab technicians, pharmacists, doctors, and surgeons, and the Holy Spirit guided her throughout her cancer journey. She said the Spirit whispered Zechariah’s words to her, “I will strengthen [Anne] in the Lord, and [she] shall walk up and down in His name,’ says the Lord.”

She used to walk a lot in hospital wings, floors, and parking garages. A lot of people recognize Anne in her walks, as a Bible teacher or as the daughter of Billy Graham. They talk to her to ask for a prayer, or if they could pray for her. Anne has been able to pray with doctors, lab technicians, nurses, and people she met in the hospital.

She prayed with her two daughters after her fifth chemotherapy session, and it seems God had healed her because her blood samples before her sixth chemo were all excellent.

She contemplated if she needed to continue chemo after the sixth session because the side effects of chemo weakened her. She doesn’t want another treatment if it’s unnecessary. Anne prayed to God if she needs another session.

Two hours after her prayer, Rachel-Ruth told her the story of Naaman, a Syrian general who contracted leprosy who washed in the Jordan river seven times. The general resisted because the river is full of mud, but his servant persuaded him, so he did and was healed after dipping himself in the river for the seventh time. That story inspired Anne to undergo her seventh chemo session, and it will be her last.

Anne’s faith in God is so inspiring because she lets God lead her the way. She speaks to people about the kindness of God even if she’s in pain. It doesn’t matter whether Anne will be thoroughly healed from cancer or not, or whether she’ll relapse because what matters is she’ll always be ready to talk about how we all need God in our life.