As A Woman The Worst Hurt Happened In Her Life, But Jesus Healed All Of That

healing Sep 23, 2017

Inspiring Testimony: Woman Overcomes The Worst Hurt!

Posted by David Lewis on Sunday, February 3, 2013

Everyone has a story, here is my. I appear to have it together. But behind this smile lies heartache.

The only memory I have of my mom is Men beating her. She died when I was 9 years old. My dad has never been there for his precious daughter. I was a motherless& fatherless child.

Molested by my aunts boyfriend when I was 10,11,12 yrs old. Got pregnant when I was only 17 years old.Then my “everything” died when I was 18 yrs old. y grandmother died.

18 yrs old with a 3 month old son, now what? I had two more kids by a different man. I was in an abusive relationship. My son watched a man beat his Mom just like I watched a man beat my mom.

My friends were afraid for my life!!! I got out but I had nothing. What else could possibly go wrong?

Then I was raped. I was homeless with 3 small kids, so I started selling drugs. My car got shot up. Apartment got shot up with me and my kids there. And guess what? I was pregnant. 25 with 4 kids 3 baby daddy’s, and only a high school diploma.

I am tired, but what’s next…? Jesus

I gave my life to Christ. The best decision of my life, I met my wonderful soulmate. Darin Griffin less 3, I started my own business, a greater divine place ine( level 3 group home)

My name changed from Barreff to Griffin, Yes I got married, started a nonprofit the S.C.A.R foundation. Strengthen comfort A store restore the hear…


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