Australian Model Finds True Love Despite Suffering Burns in Over Half Her Body

Australian Model Finds True Love Despite Suffering Burns in Over Half Her Body

Turia Pitt, 27, was a former model who loved the outdoors. Sadly, while participating in a marathon in her native Australia, she was trapped in a bush fire back in 2011. She suffered burns on two-thirds of her body and nearly died from her injuries.

Pitt ended up in intensive care and underwent a long and painful recovery. She even had to wear a protective mask for two years. While she has now healed from the burns, she will never look the same. Regardless of the after-affects of the tragedy, her husband, Michael Hoskin, has remained by her side.

When the tragedy happened, the pair wasn’t married yet. Michael decided to quit his job to take care of Pitt as she lay in critical condition. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Hoskin bought an engagement ring as she was fighting for her life in the ICU.

However, he waited four years before finally proposing to her in 2015. At that time, Pitt had undergone 200 operations and she was finally as well as she could be. Most of her body was covered in scar tissue from her burns, but the young woman was back on her feet and moving on with her life.

Hoskin and Pitt were married in 2016. Pitt shared her happiness about the fact that her husband stayed with her throughout her entire ordeal. “Going to sleep next to my partner I never thought anything of before. Now I think how lucky am I get to sleep next to this beautiful man. He’s a good guy and I’m very lucky to have him,” she gushed.

To add to their joy, Pitt became pregnant in 2017. She made the joyful announcement on her Instagram and shared updates about her journey as a wife and mother. The couple welcomed their child, Hakavai, last year.

Pitt’s story has moved millions around the world. Despite damaging her looks in the fire, true love endured. Her husband stayed with her and they are now happily married and expecting their second child.

Feature photo courtesy of Turia Pitt on Instagram

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