Baby Girl Who Has No Arms or Hands Made a Couple's Life Complete

children Aug 09, 2019 Steven

As expecting parents, what we all have in mind is what will be the best for our bundle of joy. What if, the experts; your trusted obstetrician-gynecologist and other medical practitioners have deemed that the BEST for your baby (as per conditions) is to terminate the pregnancy- what would you do? The story of the wonders of unconditional love by Vanessa Mcleod and her family displayed a brave stance for keeping their new baby despite her unfortunate conditions.

After a series of checkups and testing, Vanessa’s doctor considered that the best option for them was to terminate the pregnancy. Their baby might have a difficult life if they decided to continue to have their little girl- ultrasound results showed a medical condition called Amelia (a birth defect characterized by the absence of limb or limbs) and a chance of having a cleft lip. Nonetheless, Vanessa and her husband decided and ‘promised’ to make their baby’s life complete by choosing her to live.

Despite against-all-odds circumstances, their decision to have their baby has been very fulfilling for them as a family. Their choice to have their baby girl to live has been a testimony that love can move even the biggest mountain. We live in a world of imperfection; a world where people judge based on what they see or what they proved to be beneficial.

Vanessa and her husband’s pro-life stance had made them more complete. They know that their demonstration of unconditional love will inspire many families having such ordeal. It is true that if we choose life; we are not alone- there are lots of individuals and groups that have the same intention, ready and willing to extend their help.

Who would even dare say she isn’t lovely!