For barber Marco Conti, it’s essential to accommodate every client. He wants his clients to feel comfortable while getting a haircut. Marco is a professional, and he has ways to make his clients cozy when trimming their hair.

Marco recently gave 7-year-old Brycen Juby a haircut outside their Marky Fresh Barbershop in Ohio. Brycen’s autism was diagnosed when he was two years old, and he has apraxia of speech. He’s nonverbal until the age of 5. Ashley Juby, Brycen’s mother said, it’s easy to bring Brycen to have a haircut before, but it became more difficult lately because his son screams a lot when uncomfortable.

Ashley stated, “For the last roughly four years, my husband has been cutting his hair at home. Brycen would still meltdown every time.”

Recently, Brycen doesn’t cry when having a haircut, so his parents thought of bringing him in a barbershop again. The couple brought their son to Marky Fresh Barbershop and asked the owners if they can give their son a haircut when they close their shop, and Marco, the shop’s co-owner, agreed.

Ashley expressed, “Marco was happy to help any way he could. To find someone so accommodating was such a relief.”

Marco had spoken to Yahoo Lifestyle about the discomfort of Brycen when he and his father arrived at the barbershop. Marco asked to cut Brycen’s hair outside, and the boy agreed. Marco said, “Brycen, with tears down his cheeks, agreed.”

Marco brought a chair outside the shop and cut Brycen’s hair while his father cradled the face of his son. The touching moment was photographed.

Marco expressed, “I feel that it is our duty to open our hearts and to accommodate everyone as best as we can with whatever resources we have available with action over intention. I just wanted him to feel loved and comfortable and safe and that there was nothing to fear.”

The haircut is not just another errand for the family. It’s a special moment because it’s Brycen’s first year at a public school. Ashley stated, “He has worked so hard to be in a bigger school and was so ready.”

It’s also a milestone for the Marky Fresh Barbershop, and the owners said it wouldn’t be the last. Marco said, “This has opened doors for those parents that were silent and those that just didn’t know that we are more than willing to help.”

Ashley said, “There are kind, patient, understanding people out there. Marco was ready, whatever the situation would be.”