American worship leaders Jenn and Brian Johnson of Bethel Music said their adopted son, Ryder Moses, has changed their lives. They hope to inspire others to adopt or support the adoption movement.

The Johnson’s co-founded Bethel Music, a worship ministry and a music label based in Redding, California. They said the meaning of the name of Ryder Moses is “adopted deliverer” and he’s a blessing from God at the perfect time.

Jenn said, “It was like heaven met our heart. And I just felt like the Lord said ‘I have this for you if you want this, like a gift, I have a present for you’…and it was like ‘yes’ before you even asked.”

The adoption process only took a month. The Christian Adoption Consultants worked on the paperwork with Jenn, and the completion of the papers is the fastest so far.

The Christian Adoption Consultants are matching women with couples who are looking for an adopted child. There must be agreement on both parties before finalizing a match. A birth mother matched Jenn and Brian, and it’s just their third try.

Jenn shared, “It was just a miracle. When we got matched, the birth mom said when she saw our profile picture, she knew we were the ones, and we actually started to develop a relationship with the birth mom and then actually at the hospital when he was born we got to be with her and prayed with her at the hospital and be with her in the hospital for several days, and even six months later connect with her.”

The judge who is in his field of work for 45 years is amazed when the match was finalized.

“She came to final closure ceremony in the courtroom, and the judge said that’s the first time in his entire career he’d ever seen a birth mother come to the finalization of the adoption,” Jenn said, “It was just one thing after the next, just amazing.”

Jenn recorded a song through her mobile phone while she’s driving through a long country road. It was when the adoption was in the works. The song is about the kindness and faithfulness of God, and that became the song “Goodness of God”.

The couple brought their adopted son on stage during “Heaven Come Conference” and shared that their adoption of Ryder is an inspiration to a lot of people.

Jenn added, “I think to encourage people, ask the Holy Spirit how you apply the call that we are called to take care of widows and orphans, how are you doing that and how is God asking [you] to do that? And maybe it’s not to adopt a child into your family, maybe it is, but maybe it’s to give to someone that wants to adopt but can’t afford it, but really to carry the heart of adoption and to make sure that we’re staying connected to it and sacrificing for it.”