“If God is with us, who can go against us?” That’s the question that’s being asked in a Facebook post that shared the story of a Bolivian police officer who was saved by a Bible after he was shot in the chest.

Bolivia is currently being plagued by civil unrest due to the ouster of now-former president Evo Morales. Police forces have been busy trying to maintain order as factions from both sides have continued to clash.

“Who said that miracles don’t exist?” Facebook page UMSA x 100pre La Paz said that “the best shield for Lieutenant Del Utop, which saved his life, was a tiny Bible that was in the pocket of his bulletproof vest, in the chest area.” The 9mm bullet hit the Bible and remained embedded in the holy book.


Lieutenant Del Utop took part in an operation that was meant to restore order in Yapacani. The area is a hotspot for sympathizers of the ousted president and his Movement for Socialism Party. Many of the protesters were armed and dangerous. Luckily for the devout Christian lieutenant, he always carried his tiny Bible with him. Little did he know that the small book would one day save his life.

“Yes, it was a miracle,” said Lt. Del Utop, in an interview with local media.

In photos seen on the FB post, the blue Bible could be seen with a bullet embedded in it, as it is being pulled out of the police officer’s vest pocket. According to the Christian Headlines, the officer’s brass knuckles, which were in the same pocket, were broken in half.

Head of the Special Force of the Fight Against Crime of Santa Cruz, Oscar Gutierrez, said that Lt. Del Utop was shot using what they believe is a 9mm weapon that was stolen from Bolivian police. The protesters have also stolen teargas and other weapons from authorities.

“He is a young officer whose life was saved miraculously,” said Gutierrez. He confirmed that the officer was lucky that he “had a Bible that stopped the projectile.”

The devout lieutenant has been taken to a Santa Cruz Hospital to be evaluated. However, he is relatively unscathed and is expected to return to active duty soon.

Bolivia continues to be rocked by violence and unrest following the military coup against former president Evo Morales. He is now believed to have fled to Mexico. Protests escalated after the swearing-in ceremony of interim president Jeanine Anez and the new cabinet.