Angus Abraham Fung, a bible translator in Cameroon was killed last Sunday morning. He was butchered to death by a machete. His wife Eveline Fung had her arm cut. She is at a local hospital for blood transfusion. A total of seven people were killed in the attack.

The Fulani herdsmen were the suspect of the crime. The violence in Cameroon is notorious because separatists fight for independence.Fulani herding community are being encouraged by government actors to carry out attacks against local farming communities that support the separatist rebels.

Efi Tembon, a leader of a Christian ministry, Oasis Network for Community Transformation, said, “I don’t know what prompted the attack. They just came in and killed people at home”. Most victims were older men.

Fung is in his 60s and has worked with the Wycliffe Bible Translators for years. They have translated a New Testament translation to preserve the Aghem language and for the word of God to reach the locals. They completed the project in 2016.

Tembon said, “Angus was one of the key community leaders in the whole tribe, and he was part of the translation services and also coordinated literacy efforts. So, he was a huge part of the literacy work because their language had never been written before. So, he was the one coordinating it and teaching the language. So many people now can read and write the language as a result of Angus’ work.”

The recent attack isn’t the first in Wum, Tembon stated. Last June, people in Wum have been violently attacked and their houses were burnt down, even the local chief’s palace was not spared.

The conflict started in 2016 when separatists protested for autonomy because they felt underrepresented in the government. Thousands of families have moved out because of the violence.

The Christian community is grieving because of the recent demise of Angus Abraham Fung. But it won’t stop them from doing on what they believe in – spreading the Word of God.