The brother of a girl hilariously terrified of a car wash comforts her on the backseat as she cries to go home.

Stay at home mum and YouTuber Alyssa filmed her young children Declan, four and Raleigh, one, during an emotion fuelled car wash in Los Angeles last month.

As Alyssa drove the family car into a car wash, little Raleigh started screaming to go home but big brother Declan was quick to at least to and put her at ease.

Alyssa said: “I did not realize how frightened she would be but by the time she really started crying there was a line of cars behind us so the only way home was to drive through.

“She is a loud and fierce crier and I couldn’t help but document her car wash reaction. Declan offering her moral support was just extra cuteness to boot.