Albert Brigas, a mechanic who worked for Renown Auto Restoration for over a decade, received a life-changing surprise from his boss. Business owner Rudy Quinones decided to pay off the 69-year-old veteran’s mortgage in order to allow Brigas to finally be able to retire.

There was $5,000 left on the mortgage on the home that Brigas had been living in for the past 24 years. He had made it known to his co-workers that he wanted to retire once his mortgage was paid off. When his boss found out about it, he decided to help speed up the process.

The mortgage was paid off in October this year, allowing Brigas to retire several months earlier than he had originally planned. He had set a target for February 2020.

In an interview with KENS, Quinones shared that “Albert is a humble individual, extremely hardworking, would give the shirt off his back to anyone.” Brigas had worked at Renown Auto Restoration for 13 years. He is also a Vietnam War veteran. While serving in the military, he worked as an aircraft mechanic.

Quinones further shared that Brigas was a model employee. He said that the mechanic took real pride in his work and would even come in when he was sick. Brigas was also never late. To show his gratitude for many years of loyal and dedicated service, Quinones decided to surprise him with the check.

Brigas admitted that he was very surprised to receive the early retirement surprise. “I’m very surprised and very grateful. He’s a really great guy,” he said about his former boss.

Now that he’s officially out of the rat race and free of debt, Brigas is able to spend more time with his wife and their two grandchildren. “It’s incredible,” said Quinones, about being able to help the Brigas family finally free themselves from financial burden.

Time spent with the family can never be replaced and this veteran will now be able to enjoy his golden years thanks to the kindness of his employer. See the heartwarming video below: