YOUR TURN: A Texas boy’s sweet serenade to his new friend is warming hearts on social media. His mom says he befriended the new girl in class. After he learned some girls were mean to her, he went to…

When a young man found out that his new best friend is getting bullied at school, he made the necessary preparations, asked his mom to help him, and go to his friend’s house. The two had recently met in school. His friend, who is a newcomer in the neighborhood, don’t have any friends yet.

In spite of their new friendship, the boy really wants to show his friend that he’s got her back. And so when he reached the girl’s home, he rendered a special song just for her. He sang Bruno Mars’s “Count On Me” clearly stating that no matter what happens, they will continue to be friends. When the song ended, the two friends hugged each other.

Bullying is neither right nor should it be ignored by older people. When a child gets bullied, he or she may carry those feelings of insecurity and inferiority until he or she gets older. That is why there should be anti-bullying policies in school and in the community.

Thankfully, this young sweetheart already knows how to keep his best friend happy despite the bullies around them. Parents and teachers should continue raising awareness about anti-bullying campaigns. This awful act is simply unacceptable especially for children and young adults.