Brandt Jean Hugged the Former Cop Who Killed His Brother: 'Go to God and ask for forgiveness, He'll forgive you.'

Amber Guyger Oct 7, 2019

It’s natural to desire for justice when somebody does something wrong to you. That’s why the actions of Brandt Jean is admirable because he forgives the person who killed his brother.

Brandt forgives former cop Amber Guyger for shooting his brother. Amber will serve ten years in prison, but Black Lives Matter members feel it’s a light sentence.

Amber killed Botham Jean, his neighbor. Amber entered the apartment of Botham, thinking it’s her home while she was drunk. She went inside the apartment because the front door was slightly open. Amber’s still in uniform as she just got home from a 13-hour shift, and when she saw a big silhouette in the apartment, she shot twice, hitting Botham in the heart and killed him on the spot.

It’s a unique case that horrifies the nation because of racial problems between the black community and law enforcement. People are questioning the violence police officers used on black people.

Allison Jean, Botham’s mother, said, “The poor training or the poor use of what should have been training– that should never happen again. If this was applied in the way it ought to have been taught, my son would have been alive today. If Amber Guyger knows it’s not legal to shoot in the heart, my son would be standing here today.”

Brandt was so emotional because he cares for Amber. He said that the former cop should use her years in jail to reflect on her life and relationship with God. In the court, he asked the judge if he could hug Amber, and his compassionate request was granted. Brandt said, “I know if you go to God and ask for forgiveness, He’ll forgive you.”

Brandt is just 18 years old but his words and actions give humanity hope that we could still love unconditionally, and we can forgive. It also helps us remember that loving our neighbor is the second commandment of the Lord, and it’s a way to please God.



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