It is the man’s job to make his girl happy, yet it is the girl’s happiness that fully makes a man.

Marriage is when two people, a man, and a woman, bind themselves together as one, as a family, as a significant other. We often see the guys give extraordinary proposals along with huge romantic surprises in their weddings. But what if turns out the other way around?

This bride sang Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” as she walks along the aisle towards her groom in the stage. Luxury cars, diamond rings, and even a newly-built house, all of these material things is nothing compared to this unexpected performance. Everyone was teary-eyed. After some few lines, the groom himself got his hands on his knees, heads down, I guess he didn’t want everyone, especially his bride to see how happy he is, that a few drops of tears may have come out from his eyes – tears of joy as they say.

As the bride reaches the stage, the groom stands straight and faced her, waiting her to finish her heartfelt performance. Ladies, it is not bad to give or do something special for your man every once in a while. Love should not be all about receiving, it is much more of giving, sacrificing, and praying that the love that you will receive is the love which is worth dying.