One-Handed Soccer Player Carson Pickett Believes God Is Using Her To Uplift Other People

Brisbane Roar Jul 30, 2019

Carson Pickette, American women soccer defender for the Orlando Pride, has a unique way to touch people’s hearts as she plays on the field. Recently, a photo of Pickette has gone viral. The photograph shows the soccer star laughing and fist-bumping with Joseph Tidd, a 21-month-old soccer fan. They have a unique bonding, which is they are both born with no left hand and forearm.

Colleen Tidd, Joseph’s mom, was the one who took the photo. The photograph was instantly picked up by several major media outlets like NBC’s Today Show and ESPN.

Pickett said photographs mean a lot and she hopes the kid will remember that scene as one of his best childhood memories. It will be memorable, especially if he will become a lifelong soccer fan or a soccer player himself in the future. She also remarked that more important than playing soccer, she hopes that she and the little boy would become lifelong friends.

Miles Tidd, Joseph’s father, said that Pickett and Joseph first met last April. There was an instant bond between the two that they couldn’t understand, but they appreciate it a lot. Miles said Pickett showed her arm to Joseph when she knelt beside him during National Women’s Soccer League. That was the moment their friendship has started.

During an interview with The Guardian in 2018, Pickett stated: “I have the ability to impact a lot of people. My parents tell me all the time to use the platform God gave me. I can use my arm for something greater than myself. I’m able to impact so many kids and people who may not see a way out. It doesn’t have to impact them through soccer. To see that I am succeeding in life and happy in life can go a long way for some people.”

Pickett accomplished some great feats in her young career such as being the 4th college draft pick of National Women’s Soccer League in 2016. She scored some goals as a member of Brisbane Roar in W-League.

The young professional soccer player has accomplished a lot in life already. But what makes her special is that Pickett has faith in God, and she believes that the Lord is using her to make other people feel that they are special.


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