Let’s be more together. Let’s be more open. Let’s Be More Us http://bemoreus.org.uk/ Remember when making friends was child’s play? Over half of adults in the UK say it’s been a long time since…

Solitude is a twin of depression and close cousin of misery. That is why the people behind the Campaign To End Loneliness.org feel the necessity to address it. Tapping children to do the social experiment of initiating coffee shop talk among lonesome people in a café and making them open up proved to be a bright idea.

Children’s qualities — purity in spirit, in communication, and faith – endear them to God. That is why the Bible kept saying the kingdom of God belongs to the children. And that we ought to be child-like to inherit heaven. As shown in the video, the kids simply approached those who were alone, introduced themselves without hesitation, and asked innocent questions that encouraged reaction and response. It was thrill and fun awaiting how the strangers’ responded to interrogations like, ‘Why do you wear a hat?’, or, ‘Why is your hair white?’, including intruding questions like, ‘how much money do you have?’ ‘Are you shy or something?’, and, “Do you have Netflix?”

Being ‘experts’, the kids knew how to set the mood. After getting the trust and confidence of their targets, they shoot the question: “Where are your friends and where they are?”

That’s it! The question was like a key or code that cracked open the sacred door of their privacy. Most answers spoke of having friends that are far away, like in another country. Another responded by having imaginary friends through Facebook.

So, their so-called friends are out of reach or unreal. That explains why they’re alone.

The next bright question, “Why can’t everybody be friends?” came off with expected responses.

“It’s not as easy as that, really,” or “I couldn’t walk up to somebody in here and say, ‘would you like to play with me’ because that would be strange?’” And they are right.

If we are to consider the vicious circumstances happening around us, we shouldn’t be naïve to trust people we barely know. In fact, the norm now is skepticism because we do not know who we’re talking to or we might be the next victim of a fraud or a criminal act in this complex world we live in.

But one of the ‘experts’ dismissed this by saying, “I think everyone should talk to everybody.” And she was plainly and simply encouraging communication. It’s just about the need to talk because who knows if we have bumped into someone who was about to end life and a mere chit-chat would save the person from hurting himself or someone else.

The kid merely said ‘talk’ with purity and sincerity in mind. This also goes with the unspoken rule of being smart at the same time. We are adults, we have trust issues, yet we know better. Hence, no one among the subjects contended with her. They know she’s right.

It is no wonder why the Bible said the kingdom of God belongs to the children, and so we must be child-like in a purity of heart to gain friends.