Voices of Hope Children’s Choir sings the song, ‘Defying Gravity,’ on America’s Got Talent, originally sung by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth from the Broadway musical ‘Wicked.’ It was an excellent performance by these talented kids of different ages. The sound was so heavenly that you might have thought that their entire performance was just padded, but it was real and live.

When the music started playing, the audience just knew what the song was. Of course, it’s a Broadway musical, who wouldn’t be familiar with it, right? The choir was led by four teenage girls. It’s just so amazing to hear that very fine and beautiful blending and harmony of voices and to see little kids producing that wonderful sound like it’s floating in the air. It’s quite angelic.

The choir also had choreography that came with the song. It gave more color and life to their performance. It’s just marvelous. Their choir conductress really did a good job; all of them did a good job. I personally give them two thumbs up for it.

“Defying Gravity,” for some, is not just a song. It’s the kind of attitude that everyone should possess to rise above any circumstance and trials that, most of the time, bring us down. This is something to think about, don’t you agree?