Christian Artist TobyMac Shares Emotional Thanksgiving Message at Son’s Funeral

Music Nov 26, 2019

On Sunday, Christian recording artist TobyMac took to social media to share a lengthy message which speaks about being grateful in the midst of tragedy. The post comes just a few days before the American Thanksgiving holiday. Sadly, he is facing the holiday under the worst circumstances. He and his wife have just buried their firstborn son, Truett Foster McKeehan.

21-year-old Truett passed away last month under mysterious circumstances. The aspiring rapper was reportedly found unresponsive in his home in Nashville, Tennessee. TobyMac has been very vocal about his grief and has kept his fans updated on social media. While sharing photos from the funeral, TobyMac focused on thanksgiving, a very timely theme.

“As we enter this week of Thanksgiving we have something we’d like to share… Such overwhelming love has surrounded us this last month,” he began.

“As we mourn our firstborn son, God has poured out His love on us through people. He has loved us through you….your kind acts and words and prayers and thoughts and songs and poems and teachings and gifts and meals and time and expertise and travel have made death bearable,” he added.

TobyMac was clearly speaking to everyone who has extended love and support to him and his family in their most trying moments. “You have been God’s light to us in our darkest days,” he continued.

In the photos, hundreds of people could be seen attending the funeral. They all gathered around Truett’s grave and mourned with the family. In some of the pictures, it seemed like some of them were singing. Members of the musical community have clearly extended their full support.

Despite the loss of his child in the most heartbreaking circumstances, TobyMac is finding the strength to feel gratitude in his heart. He is able to see God’s grace through the people who have rushed to his side in his time of need.


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