So much talk is being made about praying before meals. Some think it’s absolutely necessary and is a non-negotiable, and some think that it’s not really required as compared to a simple “thank You for the food, dear God.”

This short video, however, puts both sides into perspective and entertains us with the stark presentation of how much we confuse ourselves about it.

Christian comedian John Crist is absolutely good at making things funny. Here he goes about identifying which food item to pray for, or when is blessing the food necessary. He also describes some of the not-so-good instances to pray for the food.

He goes on differentiating between appetizers and main courses, chips and salads, burgers and whatnot. He even puts a dividing line between potato skins and baked potatoes! Seriously, you’ve got to see this.

He also debunks, in a hilarious way, the big question, “who gets to pray?” Some think that only “spiritual people” like pastors or church leaders or anyone in some religious office can pray for and bless the food. Some even think that since they’re not a religious person, they shouldn’t pray for it.

Food is a blessing. The Bible says that God is the One who provides for us. He deserves thanks for our food, and we really shouldn’t fuss about it.