Christian Director and Producer Wants Kids To Befriend Christ

Christian Show For Kids Oct 16, 2019

Christian TV producer and director, Cliff McDowell, wants kids to become closer to Jesus by praying. He wants them to have a healthier relationship with the Lord so they can overcome childhood struggles.

Cliff has created a lot of Christian shows already such as Bibleman, Adventures In Booga Booga land, Paws & Tales, and Sea Kids, his latest creative venture. Cliff believes that his recent animated show for kids will have a positive and profound impact on them.

The animated series has 26 episodes, and will stream them exclusively. Its story is based on the books by Lee Ann Mancini. Its topics include important issues children and teens will encounter, such as bragging, coyness, and bullying. The solution to these struggles is for kids to have a deeper relationship with Christ.

The Pure Flix Podcast interviewed Cliff, where he said, “This show is going to hit the minds of little children. It will teach young kids how to pray and how to talk to Jesus, but it also focuses on some struggles that kids go through.”

The characters in Sea Kids are underwater creatures. All of them have colorful undersea hues, and their storylines will guide children to contemplate on their world and environment. Besides having a good story, its animation is topnotch as well.

Posted by Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Cliff grew up in Toronto, Canada, and he got to know Jesus when he studied acting in America. There’s a point in his life where he decided to become more spiritual, where he got himself a Bible. He said, “I had a bucket list, and one thing I had on there was read the Bible cover to cover.” Cliff is not yet a believer at that time. He stated, “I bought a Bible, and I started reading it every day.”

It happened when Cliff was meeting Hollywood celebrities. Cliff remembered the day when he’s going through his daily bucket list of reading his Bible, “One day I was sitting on the beach in Santa Monica, California, and the sun was setting, and the ocean looked like golden tinfoil. It was the most amazing thing. Talk about God’s revelation — and as that’s happening, these three wild dolphins go right by me, and I’m like, ‘this is so incredible.'”

At that moment, Cliff realized God created all the beauty in this world, and he accepted Jesus in his life. The Christian artist prayed to become part of the Christian entertainment world, and he did. Cliff founded P23 Entertainment and created shows that have a positive impact on the lives of thousands of kids.


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