Christianity Is Now The Most Persecuted Religion In The World, Says Vatican

Christianity Is Now The Most Persecuted Religion In The World, Says Vatican

According to evidence presented at a conference co-organized by the United Nations and the Vatican, violence against Christians is rising around the world.

Special coverage by Fox News correspondent Lauren Greene sheds light on the bombings at a Sri Lankan church, which killed and injured hundreds of people. Just months before, two Catholic churches in the southern Philippines were also bombed. The attacks also left at least 20 devotees dead, and many more injured.

The Vatican has embarked on a special mission to bring the disturbing issue to the attention of the United Nations. By sharing the stories of many of the survivors of these attacks, the UN has stated that “Christianity has officially become the most persecuted religion in the world.” The Vatican has called the persecution “a deepening crisis.”

While Muslims and Jews also continue to face persecution, statistics uncovered during the conference states that eight out of ten victims of religious persecution are Christians.

“We called this event to hear from the survivors of religious persecution across the globe so that the Un could be informed,” said a Vatican representative at the conference.

Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need also states that eleven Christians are killed every day due to faith-based violence. South and East Asia are major hotspots for Christian persecution.  Apart from the bombings and attacks on churches in the region, China is also cracking down on church leaders.

Just a few days ago, an elder of the Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, China, was sentenced to four years in prison. The charges against him were described as “illegal business activities” in connection with the possession of religious books.

An “Unholy Trinity of Threats” have been identified in these areas. The persecution against Christians is deemed to be backed by Islamist extremism, populist nationalism and authoritarian regimes.