Bruno Rafael Paiva is a teacher at a Brazilian high school. He had been substituting for a teacher who was on maternity leave.

Since his name was not on the school’s payroll yet, he did not receive salaries for two and a half months. When his students came to know that, they decided to surprise him by giving him whatever money they could.

The students collected $400 and surprised him when he came to class to teach.

Paiva who was totally hopeless at the moment turned emotional and shed tears in front of the class as he received the cash gift.

“This cannot be. How can you do this?” Paiva said as he opened the gift.

The whole class then came forward and gave him a giant hug.

“This month when I saw that I was not going to receive salaries after a month and a half of work, I saw everything going black, I sank into depression. I was worried and lost not knowing how to pay the bills and help my family that is changing and with many of the barriers of life,” he wrote on a Facebook post.

The students had secretly raised the money by selling chocolates and holding a raffle at the school.

“I have many rooms that I have loved in my heart to be a teacher, but no room has ever shown such love, help and affection for my teacher’s work as the 1st # Buildings did today. They are students like me, who still make me believe in the education of the country, believe in the love of others, in the compassion of putting oneself in the place of others, and believe mainly in the respect and love of the student towards the Professor of his school,” he wrote on Facebook.