For Dabo Swinney, head coach of Clemson Tigers, God is at the center of everything. HE is the reason for his very being and that’s why he comes first in everything he does.

During this week’s very first press conference for the football season, Swinney touched on the meaning of “purpose” for him and his team. He said that this year, he wants his team to focus on the word “purpose” and apply it to their lives. He wants his players to find meaning in their lives because life is not all about sports.

Speaking for himself, Swinney said that above everything else, he knows his purpose as a man is to exalt God. He remains convicted on this and so he encouraged the listeners and his team to find their purpose too.

“I know what my purpose as a man is and that’s to glorify God. That’s to be a great husband and father,” Swinney said. He added that he also makes it his purpose to help his staff and his players discover and fulfill their purpose.

The 49-year-old American coach likewise expressed his intention “to use the game of football to equip young people for life.” He said the goal of the program is “to help their players graduate, to give them the necessary tools they need to be successful, to make sure they have a good experience and to win a championship.”

Swinney said that the program has not changed its goal since day one and so far, The Clemson Tigers has had a lot of success. Talking about his 11-year career as a coach, the Birmingham native revealed that he and his team have “stayed true” to who they are all the way, which could account for their success in and out of the football field. The Clemson saw a 97 percent job placement rate last year among its senior class and won the national championship against Alabama.

It’s his faith in God that leads Swinney to his career-high since taking over as head coach for Clemson Tigers in 2008. He never fails to put God in the spotlight in his speeches as he did so during last year’s press conference.