Inspirational writer and marriage advice columnist Joshua Rogers believes that God pushed him to write his soon-to-be-released book titled “Confessions of a Happily Married Man: Finding God in the Messiness of Marriage.”

While Rogers admits that God did not speak to him directly with his own voice, he believes that the publication of the book is directly an effect of divine intervention.

Before becoming a book author, Rogers wrote for various publications. Marriage is one of his most discussed topics, alongside other subjects that delve into relationships and self-enrichment. He told Fox News that his journey as a book author began when a visiting cousin suggested turning his marriage-related articles into a book.

Three days after his cousin introduced the idea, a reader who saw one of his articles sent him a message. “I think you should write a book with all of your articles,” he wrote. “It will certainly help a lot of couples.”

The message made a huge impact on Rogers, especially since his cousin had just suggested the same thing. While he still had his doubts about pursuing the project, an editor at Fox News asked, “Have you ever thought about taking your articles and making a book out of them?” Rogers was stunned.

If having three random people speak to him about writing a book about marriage was not enough, the final piece of the puzzle was completed just shortly after. Rogers, who was by then already seriously considering the book idea, opened up to a friend about needing a book agent if he was to push through with the project.

Thirty minutes later, he received an email from an agent who volunteered to represent him in his first book project. After speaking to his wife, Raquel, Rogers knew that there was no doubt about it, God wanted this book to be written.

The couple acknowledges that God does not normally offer such “overt” signs such as those they received about the book. Rogers says that “like any good dad, He wants you and me to learn how to become sensitive enough to the Holy Spirit,” so that we will know which direction to take.

“Confessions of a Happily Married Man: Finding God in the Messiness of Marriage” will be published next month.