Sarah Yang was a tomboy when she was young, and people bullied and abused her because of her sexual preference. She doesn’t want to feel like a victim, and she always fights back.

Her family life was a bit troubled too. She didn’t connect with her father until when she’s 18 when her dad starts hugging her and begins to converse with her. Their conversations might be shallow, but she treasures them. Her mother is very controlling and critical about her behavior.

The family of Sarah practices Buddhism, but she became a satanist. She became angry at God because she felt like a man trapped in a woman’s body.

There’s an instance in her life where she challenges the creator to show Himself, and she promised to become a Christian if He does so. She didn’t believe in God, but Sarah acknowledges that the creator has many names such as Jesus, Allah, and Buddha. That was a critical moment for the life of Sarah because the moment she questioned God if He’s real, she felt somebody held her.

Sarah’s teenage life was not easy. There are humorous instances in her life when people can’t tell if she’s a woman or a man because of her short haircut. She was suicidal when she was 15 because her girlfriend broke up with her and she doesn’t have a reason to exist anymore. She’s also involved with a gang, and it seems she couldn’t leave the group.

Sarah always brought a knife at school during that time and tried to cut her wrist in front of her ex-girlfriend. There was this one moment when she was trying to hurt herself with a knife when a friend intercepted her action and saved her life, and told her to accept Jesus as her savior.

Sarah didn’t believe at Jesus before, and she threatened Christians because she hated God. When her friend who tackled the knife insisted that she must accept Christ, that’s the instance she challenged God to prove His existence. After Sarah questioned God, she felt someone held her immediately, and she has fallen asleep.

That’s a turning point in Sarah’s life because she started to go to church after that. She felt that Christianity is just like Buddhism; there’s only a change in infrastructure and how people address God. Also, when she heard the song, Give Me a New Heart, it made her realized that she’s the character being referenced in the song because she needs a new heart.

She believes in Karma because she’s a Buddhist, but she never felt grace before. A day after that, her friends at school noticed her glow, and she guessed it’s before she saw God.

Sarah believed he’s a boy until when she’s 19 years old when she saw herself in the mirror and saw a woman. She always gives thanks to God for letting her know the truth about her identity.

However, there’s a time when she backslid because the man she supposed to marry was an alcoholic. They already got their marriage license, but she can’t trust her fiancee anymore. She avoided Christians and became mad at God again, and also felt suicidal.

Then there was this moment when Sarah met her friend before leaving, and she heard God’s voice telling her “He’s sorry”. It made her cry, and she realized that God never leaves her, and God will always care for her.

The life of Sarah Yang is inspiring to a lot of people, and she speaks to people in congregations so she can be a guiding light.