A gun and a baton, those were the usual weapons that we usually see that a cop carries in his/her patrols and duties. But what if there’s something else, that will come and “hit” you.

This cop goes by the name, Philip Paz, got an idea to record himself inside his police car. He picked one of his favorite songs “Easy” by Lionel Ritchie,  The moment the first words of the song came out from his mouth, my own eyes began to enlarge. It would be easier if you will watch the video down below.

The video posted on Youtube had 20,818 views as of writing this story. And also, it can be seen right through the comment section how the people like and love his performance. Cops are people too, they are not only trained to fight crimes, they also have hidden talents. Workers and employees should have time for themselves so that their work won’t devour their entire life. Have fun, find time for yourself, hang out with friends.

Although most of us don’t see a cop as the superheroes nowadays, due to corruption and negligence, there still many of them out there that do their job right and just.

MSgt Phil Paz sings Easy