Brent and Ashley, a couple from Cleveland, celebrated their three years of drug-free life on July 26, 2019.

Brent Walker’s addiction to drugs began very early in his life. He started smoking cigarettes when he was only 9 years old. When he was 12, he started smoking marijuana and using pain pills.

By the time he became 15, he could almost take anything that he had access to including acid, ecstasy and Molly. He was not only a consumer of drugs but was also a drug dealer.

Things became more serious when Brent’s brother died in an accident. He began to get addicted to meth.

Brent met his wife Ashley, who was also addicted to meth, while he was selling her marijuana. Their relationship was not stable. They would often meet to get high together. Though they were dating, Brent was not loyal to her but slept with many women as he was selling drugs.

Brent’s life took a positive turn when he learned that this health was deteriorating through a drug test when he was on probation.

After giving serious thoughts about his life, Brent decided to quit his life of addiction. He asked Ashley if she would quit with him and she said yes.

The couple got married after one month of being clean. They cut every single tie with their past life including people that were related to their drug life.

“There’s hope. You don’t have to live that life forever,” Brent told on an interview to

“I hope that my transformation can encourage an addict somewhere! It is possible to recover!!” he adds.

The couple became popular and inspiration to many when Brent decided to post before-and-after addiction photos to celebrate their 3 years of a drug-free life.

The couple is now working on to improve their credit score to buy a house and give a better life for their kids. Brent and Ashley have 5 children altogether from their previous relationships.