Kevin Scruggs is surely a loving father, who documented the first and last day of school of her daughter Madison for 13 years.

Memories are so powerful that they can trigger both positive and negative emotions in people’s hearts that is beyond description as human age. We live in a time where these memories can be captured through intelligent devices and can be viewed, remembered and cherished any time we want.

It is indeed joyful to watch one’s growth over the years from a budding explorer to a mature adult with all ups and downs in life.

This is one such beautiful story of a dad who valued the life and experiences of his daughter and decided to document it to show it to her as she grows up.

Madison who is 18 now, is filled with gratitude to her father who had not only documented most important moments of her life but also has mentored her over the years.

“I am a sentimental dad and when they were really young, I knew someday this is all gonna be over and they are going to go off into the world. We just made it a thing, we celebrated the first day of school”, says Kevin.

The first day and last day of school had become an event in Kevin house over time and they even went for ice cream and dinner parties.

“When I was younger I didn’t like them. I wanted to go out and hang out with my friends after school on the first day. Now I am thankful looking back at all of it”, says Madison.

“As I look at the pictures I know the backstories behind the pictures and I am really proud of what she has become”, says the father of the 18-year-old with teary eyes.