Dad Miraculously Saves Two-Year-Old Son From Falling to Floor Head First

Dad Sep 7, 2018

Children are naturally adventurous, but sometimes this trait causes them trouble. Thankfully, fathers are there to save the day, and this video proves it.

Two-year-old Noah Lynch was alone in a room, standing near the corner of his crib. He appeared like he had just awoken from his nap and was still groggy. Suddenly, he climbs up the corner and falls down towards the floor head first.

Miraculously, Noah’s dad Nicholas enters the room at that very moment and with lightning-fast reflexes he stretches his arms to catch his little boy — just in the nick of time. Nicholas then hugged young Noah, relieved and grateful that he is safe.

All of this is caught by a nanny cam installed in the room.

Nicholas said he was so happy he was able to rescue young Noah from falling head first on the floor. While he said he wouldn’t want such a thing to happen again, he appears very grateful that his beloved son is alive and well, safe and unharmed.

Stories of miraculous and heroic fathers rescuing their children from certain pain and danger tend to warm our hearts and inspire us to do good and great things for our families. Dads like Nicholas serve as an inspiration to many of us.

If fathers like Nicholas warm our hearts and make us think that kids like Noah are blessed, let us also realize that we have a heavenly Father who always comes to our rescue right in the nick of time.


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