A special bond between a father and a daughter is quite common and it’s fun to see how they spend their time together doing something they both like doing. It’s also very precious to have this kind of moment, especially if it is captured on video or on photos that the daughter can watch and see when she’s already grown up.

A young girl is singing ‘My Girl’ with her daddy while being filmed on top of the bathroom countertop. This loveable video has more than 55,000 shares and 3.4 million views already in just a matter of three weeks. Who wouldn’t love it?  Dad swings his little girl’s arms in the tune of the song, but it seems that her daughter likes it while both of them sing in front of the mirror.

It was the adorable little girl’s mom, Laura Caperton Richardson, who shared the video on Facebook, and in just days, views and shares just kept skyrocketing. What’s so amazing with this duet is one sings one line and the other answers. It’s also unbelievable to know that this girl, as very young as she is, can memorize the lyrics of a song.

This video continues to be viewed and shared. Please watch it and you’re going to love it too.