Kids grow real fast. One moment they’re a baby clinging to us in order to sleep; another moment their teenagers who want to go out and have fun with their peers. While it’s rewarding and exciting to see children grow older, parents just can’t deny the fact that they have to adjust as their kids grow more independent and adventurous.

Such is the message of this song, written and sung by Penn Holderness about her daughter. In the song, he muses about the changes he and her daughter faced as she grew older.

He goes on to sing a few things that many parents, especially dads, could relate to: the feeling of contentment lulling his baby daughter to sleep on his chest; the reality that his daughter isn’t that small anymore and is in fact as big as her mom now; the fact that she’s now a teenager who wants to spend more private time in her room, tinkering with her iPad; and the possibility that as an adolescent, she could be noticing other boys.

More than these, there’s one thing that he really misses — their warm embrace, now replaced by awkward hugs.

Apparently, kids have to grow older, and parents have to learn to adjust to that. The thought might be a bit sad, but this quirky dad is able to sing this song in such a funny and hilarious way!

Watch this video and be inspired to love your kids more and more as they grow up.