No matter how prepared and eager you are to do something, sometimes the circumstances just do not go your way. Let’s take for example a traffic jam that will leave you stuck for several hours. In these types of situations, our tempers and characters are tested. Fortunately, there are glimpses of positivity here and there – you should just learn how to react to these untoward instances. That is exactly what this female driver did to pass the time.

Noticing that they were going nowhere, Lisa stepped off her vehicle at I65 just outside of Birminghan, Alabama, and began moving to the beat. Playing in the background is the upbeat title “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor. For the next one a half minute, Lisa danced at the middle of the highway – while everyone is waiting for the traffic to move.

While it did not look like the traffic moved anytime soon, at least she chose to live stress-free rather than whine and complain about their situation.

In this time and age where everyone seems in a hurry, it definitely would not hurt for us to stop a while, and enjoy a little positivity in our lives. In times where you cannot do anything to change the situation, you can change how you would react to these instances. For sure, it won’t just be a learning experience, but would also leave a smile on people’s faces, just like what Lisa did.