Amelie Barker and Dylan Hughes first met when they were 3 years old. Their friendship has lasted until now and developed into a romantic relationship in the last 6 months. This charming couple has Down Syndrome, and their peers honored them as the prom king and queen.

Amelie and Dylan are both 16. They were thrilled to be voted as prom king and queen for the year-end dance in Monmouth Comprehensive School.


Katharina, Amelie’s mother, said her daughter is pleased about the news and she’s radiant. Katharina said her daughter and her boyfriend have plans of getting married someday. The romance of the couple might take some time to develop, but it’s magical when it happened. Katharina mentioned that like other teenagers, the couple’s love began when they started gazing at one another with eyes full of admiration.

Amelie’s mother said the pair were thrilled when they announced their relationship, and they believe they’ll get married in the future. Katharina said the two are already planning for their life as husband and wife.

Amelie will take a childcare course at Gwent College in Newport this coming September. Dylan loves sports, and he participated in the Canadian swimming world championships, which featured participants with Down Syndrome. Dylan wants to become a PE teacher, and he also wants to become part of the Wales rugby team.

The parents of Amelie and Dylan also has an interesting backstory. Their mothers have planned to launch 21 Plus, a charity supporting households with kids who have Down Syndrome.

The story of Amelie and Dylan is inspiring not just for people who suffer from the condition but for all individuals who are searching for real love.