Photo source: Beaumont hospital

The Beaumont Hospital medical staff in Michigan believes that a miracle happened in their medical facility. Their 20-year-old patient Michael Pruitt seemed dead for 20 minutes but came back to life.

Michael Pruitt was giving a hand to his stepfather on a construction site in Livonia in April. He’s carrying a metal ladder connected to a live wire that shocked him, and his heart stopped beating. Michael recalled his electrocution when he’s holding the ladder.

Emergency responders arrived four minutes after receiving the call. The homeowner was performing CPR and the responders took over. Michael was rushed to the hospital and didn’t have signs of life.

Dr. Angel Chudler said the vital signs of the young man were gone. The doctor said to her team that they would bring him back. Dr. Chudler talked to Michael: “You better come back!” That moment was a very emotional one.

Dr. Chudler’s medical team shocked Michael’s heart using a defibrillator but it failed. The doctor used higher electricity and the heart of the patient beats again after 2 minutes. Everyone celebrated.

The doctor compared Michael to The Hulk because he jiggled the bed and grabbed the railings. Yasmeen Bachir, the clinical nurse, said the entire medical team struggled to hold Michael. She stated, “I guess every superhero has to die at least once.”

Barbara Smith, the hospital’s trauma services director, described the resurrection of the patient as “miraculous” because he didn’t lose any brain function. Smith said Michael’s case further proves the significance of continuous and immediate CPR because it helps the patient’s brain keep its oxygen.

The hospital said electric shock recovery depends on the severity and nature of the injury. If the brain receives a great shock, the victim might suffer from permanent anxiety, depression and seizure disorder. The victim can also show personality changes and might suffer from internal injuries like cardiac arrest.

Michael Pruitt is a fortunate man. His mother Jillian knows her son is fine because of his sarcastic gesture when being asked about his superpowers. Michael said he’ll always remember his tragedy that turned into a miracle. And to help him remember this miracle, he got a tattoo of God’s all-seeing eye on his chest.