Elijah & Elisha - God Jehovah Destroys Baal Prophets - Chapter 6

bible story Dec 3, 2017

This Series is all about the Holy Bible, God and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. This is Chapter 6 of #13.

Elijah and Elisha are two of the most well-known prophets of Israel. They both served in the northern kingdom of Israel. Elijah is first introduced in 1 Kings 17 as the prophet who predicted a three-year drought in the land. After being miraculously fed by ravens, he later stayed with a widow and her son, and that family experienced God’s supernatural provision of food.

Watch this video about great prophets Elijah & Elisha, their ministry under the guidance of God.

Praise Jehovah God the only true God. We have to know what God we serve.


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