Dave Rubin, a famous agnostic and former atheist, has controversially admitted that he has “no problem” with Jesus and even “likes the guy.”

As the host of “The Rubin Report,” he has been very vocal about initially being an atheist and later saying that he is much better described as an agnostic. Now, it appears that Rubin has opened himself up to Christianity, or at least to a greater force other than ourselves.

The popular podcast host recently had a discussion with Christian apologist, Prof. John Lennox, on “The Big Conversation” debate series by Premier Christian Radio. In the show, Rubin shared some surprising revelations.

“I like the message of Jesus – I love these ideas,” he added. “I think that if my life becomes a continuing conversation about these things, I can incorporate the best parts of that to be a better person.”

Rubin also said that spending time with people from different beliefs made him realize how much of a difference being a believer can make in one’s life.

“I’ve genuinely found the believers not only more welcoming but more open, actually happier; less dependent on things outside of themselves – more self-reliant,” he said

Rubin was not always agnostic. He was actually raised in a Jewish home. As he grew popular, he described himself as an atheist. Later, he decided that “agnostic” is the best description of his beliefs.

His openness to human interaction has led him to meet Christians that have, in turn, opened him up to the possibility of believing in God.

“I’m secular in my life, but I’ve found in the last year that there has to be something outside of us… the rest of this makes no sense,” he said. He also revealed that he had a profound realization about a greater force while he was on an unplugged retreat. “One of the thoughts that I kept having in my peace was that I’m not an atheist. I do believe in something else even if I can’t completely articulate what it is.”

While he has held off on saying “that something else” is God, he says that atheists have started to criticize him for becoming a convert.