Different types of viral videos rock the internet every now and then, especially videos of different “challenges” that people usually upload for fun. This is also what made the video of a couple of firemen viral on Facebook.

There have already been tons of videos of the Lip Sync Battle all over the internet but this one, by far, brings home the bacon! In a fun and creative video, the firemen of the Paris Fire Department from Northeast Texas was seen lip-syncing to some of our favorite music from different eras.

The main concept of the video is having these firemen seemingly enjoying their sleep in their headquarters when the ‘dreams’ of each one of these firemen are revealed. It shows that the ‘dreams’ of these firemen are of them singing to some of the greatest music hits.

They started of with Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” followed with “The Fireman” by George Strait, “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, “My Hero” by Foo Fighters and the 1990s hit “Barbie Girl” by Aqua. Viewers also praised how these firemen are not only humorous but they are also very witty as one of them are seen literally swinging on a wrecking ball!

With all these elements blended together, it is no doubt that they have one of the best Lip Sync Challenge videos out there. As of writing, the video uploaded on Facebook has already garnered a total of 5.7 million views.

Don’t believe us? Watch the video below and you be the judge