Arkansas Lyon Football Players shaved their heads after they heard from their offensive coach that he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and will be going through chemo.

One morning the coach heard abnormal commotion below his office in the weight room and he thought the football players were doing regular exercise. “I thought kids were being kids,” said the coach later about the commotion.

But in a few minutes, the whole team came up in front of him and surprised him with shaved heads. The players one by one gave giant hugs to the coach.

“This was one of the most emotionally touching thing happened to me in the recent days,” said the coach. The coach had known the players only for about a month and had developed a deep bond with the team members even before this episode.

The coach has never shared a deeper bond with other players he trained before. The coach was training pros from Canada before hiring these players.

“I’m fine; people are lot worse than me. I have got very few side effects so far,” said the coach about the cancer.

This inspiring episode went viral online and the football players are receiving huge internet applause nationwide.