It’s given. We will never get tired singing, listening, and humming to this song, ‘You Raise Me Up.’ It’s basically about being lifted when you are so pressed down. The mystery question is, who is the ‘you’ in this song? Who is that one raising up the other?

One fact about the song is that Rolf Lovland, the music composer, first played the melody during his mother’s funeral. In one article, he said the song is heavy on emotion that people would think of anyone big person in their lives as the ‘you’ in this song.

Interestingly, digging into the history of this passionate song, Rolf Lovland composed the instrumental piece and as mentioned earlier, played it in her mother’s funeral. After that event, he asked Brendan Graham to put words to the music. Associating these two facts, Brendan could have thought of the song as tribute to the mothers — her unconditional love, her painstaking efforts in raising her children, and a lot nobler deeds for each individual she has reproduced from her body.

Since 2001 when the group Secret Garden (comprising Rolf Loveland and two other Norwegian singers) released the song and became a moderate success but not hitting the music charts, the song has been covered hundreds of times by famous artists in the secular and spiritual world. What is amazing is that, the original style of the song endured. That just means the song, like a hymn of love, is too sacred to be altered.

For the Christian world, You Raise Me Up is God raising His children up. With eyes closed, our thoughts always turn to the Creator first, being the author of unconditional love and forgiveness when we sing the lyrics of this song. Only God fits the description. Sorry, He is beyond description.