Kevin Whitt is a 35-year-old man, who has lived as a drag queen for 20 years and abandoned his homosexual lifestyle after finding Jesus.

Kevin lived a very lonely life since he was young. He suffered verbal, physical and sexual abuse from his own father.

He did not have many friends as he was less masculine than other boys. He was severely bullied at school. He was called a “faggot” when he was in first grade, which became his identity in the following years.

Though Kevin tried his best to be masculine by playing sports, wearing biker clothes and dressing like a cowboy, his attempts were not successful.

Kevin was confused about his sexuality in his teenage years. His life has changed when he made a friend who shared his interests when he was in 9th grade.

Unfortunately, the friendship became bitter when one day Kevin’s friend raped him after a sleepover at his house.

Kevin began to have strong same-sex attraction when he was 15 and he opened it up to his family. To his surprise, everyone accepted him as gay. Suddenly he started to have more friends. He started to feel normal.

Kevin took this to the next level by dressing as a drag queen. People around him said he was beautiful. He used the femininity in him to his advantage. “Drag dressing” eventually led him to a homosexual lifestyle for 20 years.

He began taking jobs in gay nightclubs and also as a transsexual prostitute. The money that he received through these jobs kept him going.

Though Kevin later realized that his lifestyle was destructive, he couldn’t come out of it as he knew that he would go to hell anyway. He gave up on God completely.

Kevin was shocked when he was invited to church by a male stripper. He began to realize how toxic his lifestyle has become. He thought about it more when he was affected by pneumonia and was hospitalized.

His life dramatically changed after he was invited to church by one other friend on an Easter Sunday. He was touched by the modern-day version of the resurrection story and started to shed tears. He began to see what Jesus had done for him and the dishonoring life that he was leading.

At the end of the resurrection story, when the preacher asked if anyone is ready to accept Christ, Kevin bowed down his head and invited Jesus to his heart.

The friends around him started knowing about his faith and began to desert him.

After being introduced to “Living Hope” ministry Kevin began to understand his identity better through the talks organized by the ministry.

“Today I can honestly say that I have no desire for men, porn, masturbation, or to be a woman or drag queen. Instead, I have the desire to have a wife, children and a family,” says Kevin in a blog post.

“I am a unique individual and God loves me completely just as I am. After all, I am His creation,” he adds.

Kevin, now the director of the Dallas chapter of MassResistance, a socially conservative activist organization, organized a July protest outside the Grauwyler Park Branch Library in Dallas shared his testimony to many.