Jose Frank Piña Montero is now a successful doctor and a married man. From a distant past, all the successes he’s enjoying now seems impossible to achieve.

The kind doctor grew up in a San Juan Community in the Dominican Republic that was known as Los Mojaos or “the wet ones.” It always floods there when it rains, and the residents lose everything they have when there’s a continuous downpour. It’s impossible to dream in Los Mojaos because people lose furniture, food, school supplies, and even their house when it rains.

There’s also a lot of disorder in Los Mojaos because children were vulnerable to rape, theft, and violence when they went out after 6 p.m. Jose Frank heard people fight with guns and machetes almost every night, and people throw stones at houses just for fun.

Jose Frank is blessed because he’s been a part of the Compassion center of a local church where he received proper nutrition, medical care, and he learned subjects such as computer science and English.

He said, “As a kid, what I liked the most about Compassion was my good friends. I also loved the meals. Honestly, at first, food was my biggest motivation to attend. At the center, we had access to toys that I couldn’t have even dreamed of having. It was an amazing place because I didn’t have toys at home.”

The Compassion Center is Godsend because it provides support beyond financial means. Jose Frank becomes God’s ambassador through Ceilin, his tutor. Ceilin persuaded Jose Frank always to finish his homework and to finish school no matter what. Through his tutor, Jose Frank committed to his dreams.

The doctor said, “My parents didn’t go to school, but my tutor, Ceilin, was a professional, and I wanted to be like her. The love she showed me and the way she motivated me to move forward was essential to me.”

Ceilin knows Jose Frank’s background, so she’s motivated to help him build a future for himself and others. Jose Frank said about Ceilin, “She taught me how to think. My tutor’s motivation was the foundation to become the man that I am now.”

Jose Frank went back to San Juan to help his hometown. His wife, a fellow Compassion graduate, Dr. Yaneli Suero, is from San Juan as well, and they are working together to help their community. The doctor stated, “They used to call us ‘the angels of the roads.’ I even received an award for delivering the first baby in an ambulance.”

Through his hard work and dedication, Jose Frank became his province’s health movement secretary. He also has a weekly Exclusive TV segment where he teaches health in his community.

Besides health, Jose Frank and his wife are also teaching the Gospel to their community because they believe it is what people need to be healed and be truly happy. He’s now a father and is more motivated than ever to give back to the community.

He said, “Compassion gave me the best things I’ve ever had. They gave me love, hope, and the opportunity to dream. Because of Compassion, I met the most beautiful woman on the planet, my wife, and now I am enjoying the fruit of our love: our daughter, Sofia Arlette.”

Jose Frank knows he’s not in poverty anymore because he can pay for the education of his daughter. Also, he and his wife will sponsor a child with the Compassion center soon.

The doctor expressed, “After I graduated from the center and high school, a man from the neighborhood told me something I will never forget. He said, ‘You walked in the mud but didn’t get dirty.’ He meant that even though I grew up in a corrupt neighborhood, I broke the cycle of poverty. The evil didn’t contaminate my heart.”

The world needs more Compassion centers so they can produce more successful doctors and kind souls like Dr. Jose Frank Piña Montero.