Brian Head Welch is a Multi-Platinum hit artist from “Korn”. He had a past with an extremely empty mind once sought the satisfaction and the meaning of life in drugs and sex, drugs drove him into deeper pain. He saw his wife abandoned his daughter because of drugs. The drugs already destroy him and destroy his family. He was tired of drugs, but he was unable to extricate himself… He came to the church. When he was desperate, he prayed to God, “I want to change, I want to stay away from drugs, I want to be a good father…”

He felt the satisfaction, the joy, the love of the heart he had never felt before. He feels God’s love for him, fully accepts the love of forgiveness, God’s love fills his heart, and God’s love gives him the strength to stay away from drugs,God’s love drew him out of the deep darkness,and God’s love gave him a second life. Only God’s love can change a life, no matter how bad the past you have, but God’s love is capable, and anyone who comes to God can be changed. In the love of God, there will be miracles.